Kunming, the spring garden

Kunming City is the gateway into Yunnan.

Kunming 云南昆明 (1)

The city is surrounding by mountain range thus maintain a relatively constant spring-like weather throughout the year.

Kunming 花鸟市场

Most tourists will use Kunming as a rest stop before proceeding to more remote destinations.

Kunming 云南昆明 (2)



Guandu Old Town 官渡古镇

Guandu is a ‘refurbished’ old town about 10KM from Kunming city centre.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 (3)

If you have half day to spare in Kunming city, taking a short trip to Guandu could be a good option to consume few hours.

官渡古镇 (3)

Guandu reserved few temples dated back to Dang Dynasty.


Since 2008, Sao Lin Temple has acquired few temples in Guandu as ‘branch’ temple. You can see monks practicing martial arts in these temples.


World Carfree Day 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur finally responding to the campaign to host no-car day on 22 September 2013.

World Carfree Day 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur (7)

This was the first time the city blocked 4KM route within the city center from 7AM to 11AM for cycling competition and leisure cyclists.

World Carfree Day 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur (12)

It will be great if Kuala Lumpur can follow George Town to make every Sunday a carfree day.

World Carfree Day 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur (6)


George Town Street View 2013 (Part 2)

When an old town overly developed, the town would be filled with newly renovated ‘antiques’.

George Town (2)

A remarkable old town normally has local resident and merchants doing their daily chores. Without the folks, the town may end up with an empty fake structure to entertain tourists.

George Town (3)

Hopefully George Town can retain this precious soul and not ruined by over commercialization.

George Town (6)


George Town Street View 2013 (Part 1)

George Town remains as one of my favourite travel destinations in Malaysia.

George Town 2013 (4)

We had a short stay at Penang Island on last weekend. I decided to process a few pictures into black & white while retaining a bit of colour.

George Town 2013 (6)

It represents my feeling for George Town. Although everything looks familiar (because I have been there numerous times), there is always a tiny things or a fresh angle that reminds me that there are yet a lot more surprises to unearth.

George Town 2013 (2)


Street Arts @ George Town

After the wildly successful Mirrors George Town series of murals, and the recent 101 Lost Kittens campaign, street arts and murals have become a unique tourist attraction in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Arts at George Town (7)

Many merchants starting to use display art to attract eye balls.

Arts at George Town (10)

Any usable space or flat surface could be a target for painting.

Arts at George Town (9)


101 Lost Kittens 一百零一只迷失的小猫

I love the innovative campaign title, “101 Lost Kittens”.

101 Lost Kittens in George Town (2)

It was a treasure hunt and animal awareness campaign in George Town (Penang).

101 Lost Kittens in George Town (3)

Suddenly, people are crazy about cats in George Town. My favourite piece of art is the Bruce Lee and 3 kittens.

101 Lost Kittens in George Town (6)