Sunrise and Sunset

Stuck in a Balinese Resort

I am attending a conference in Bali last few days.

Rimba Jimbaran (Bali)

Rimba is a new resort in Bali (still under construction). The sunset view is stunning (view from the lobby) but we were rushing out for a dinner so no time to savour the magical moment.

Ayana Resort (Bali) (2)

On the next day, the sunset was obstructed by thicker clouds. We managed to make a 30 minutes trip to the adjacent Ayana Resort, and visited its famous Rock Bar.

Rock Bar (Ayana Bali)

The weather gotten worse on the third day. It rained for the whole day, and it was also time to head for the airport. Although I didn’t have the extra days to visit other parts of Bali or Lombok on this short visit, I am grateful for a glimpse of the legendary sunset of Bali.

Ayana Resort (Bali) (1)


Red Land 红土地

Some said this place is created when God over spilled the colour palette.

我蛮喜欢人们用“上帝打翻的调色盘”来形容红土地, 非常鲜明地刻画出这里鬼斧神功的地貌。

云南东川红土地 1

It is hard to imagine that I could be having breakfast at Red Land (Dong Chuan, Yunnan,  China) and having coffee at night in Malaysia at night. This magical land is so within reach but yet unknown to many who visited Kunming City.

红土地螺蛳湾 2

The views are stunning and the hard works by the farmers on this highland (~2,500m to 2,700m) are simply touching. This could be illustrated by the picture below, see how the entire harsh mountain range has been cultivated into productive land?


Red Land more well known to the photography travellers. When we saw this momentary rays of lights from our car, our driver almost rushed to a stoppable area for us take this picture. It disappeared in less than 1 minute later. Everyone is having fun chasing after the light.


红土地锦绣园 2

(note: all thumbnails were compressed, click picture to view a light version of the photo)


Sunset and Sunrise Views at Bagan

Shwesandaw Pagoda is the most popular sunset/sunrise viewing spot in Bagan (after the authority prohibited tourists to climb up to other popular pagoda).

Shwesandaw Pagoda (1)

Another good spot is the Pyathada Pagoda which has the biggest terrace platform (can fit in more tourist). It is also a popular pagoda to view the cattle trespassing on the journey home.

Pyathada Paya (3)


Dusks and dawns (2012 review 1 of 3)

I am doing a review on some of the crazy moments in 2012 that we have to wake up before dawn or to chase the sunset.

2012 January @ Angkor Wat

sunrise at Angkor Wat (4)

(click the link below to view the rest of Part 1 2012 Review)


Himalayan Sunrise and Sunset Views from Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a hilltop resort about 30km from Kathmandu.

Nagarkot (15)

Nagarkot situated at the Kathmandu Valley rim, thus provide vista view of the valley as well as the Himalaya snow cap summits.

Nagarkot (4)

visitors can take transport up to the hilltop without having to do any climbing or hiking. From the hotels or nearby hilltop, Nagarkot provides incredible vantage views from Annapurnas to Everest.

Nagarkot (10)


Sunrise @ Poon Hill

Poon Hill Trek is the most popular Himalayan trail for tourists. The sunrise view is the epic of this route.

Sunrise at Poon Hill (3)

The hill is relatively ‘short’ as compare to the average height of Himalayan mountains.

Sunrise at Poon Hill (5)

What makes sunrise at Poon Hill memorable was the trekking journey to reach the hill top, and rewarded by the spectacular panorama view of 10 great Himalayan Mountains.

Sunrise at Poon Hill (7)


Ratu Boko Sunset

Ratu Boko is one of the archaeological site 3km from Prambanan Temple.


Many foreign visitors may complain that the entrance fee (IRD90,000 per head, local visitor has lower fee) is too expansive because the temple structure remains were ruins and nothing much to see (as compare to other temples nearby Jogja).

Ratu Boko is more well known for its incredible sunset view from the near 200m plateau. The dark horizon on the bottom view was the padi field and valley.


We were rushing for the dance Ramayana Ballet performance at Prambanan, thus only made a 20 minutes stop over. We were lucky enough to see a local lady posing for photo shoot.


The sky already very dark and I have to use the widest aperture to squeeze the little light out of the sky.


Now, we could move on to our quick dinner and watch the dance performance.

note: if you don’t have time and not fancy for sunset, you can happily skip this site.