People from the Red Land 红土地人家

Photo tourism has injected a new revenue stream to the locals at DongChuan Red Land.

Red Land 云南东川红土地 (8)

This elder in Red Land has become the iconic male model. He posts during morning at Musical Score Concave and at Lo Shi Wan during the evening. Photographers can pay him any tips at will if you like to take a picture of him. It is less labour intensive compared to farming.

Red Land 云南东川红土地 (6)

Avoid taking pictures of any local without permission, they will shout at you demanding for portraiture fees. if you step onto their farm land, they will fine you RMB10 to 50.

Red Land 云南东川红土地 (1)

Of course, there are exception. This little girl was helping out in the farm and the family was kind enough to let us take pictures while they were working.

Red Land 云南东川红土地 (4)

Just few hours away in Kunming city, kids are spoiled with modern amenities and toys.

Yunnan Kunming云南昆明 (1)

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Red Land 红土地

Some said this place is created when God over spilled the colour palette.

我蛮喜欢人们用“上帝打翻的调色盘”来形容红土地, 非常鲜明地刻画出这里鬼斧神功的地貌。

云南东川红土地 1

It is hard to imagine that I could be having breakfast at Red Land (Dong Chuan, Yunnan,  China) and having coffee at night in Malaysia at night. This magical land is so within reach but yet unknown to many who visited Kunming City.

红土地螺蛳湾 2

The views are stunning and the hard works by the farmers on this highland (~2,500m to 2,700m) are simply touching. This could be illustrated by the picture below, see how the entire harsh mountain range has been cultivated into productive land?


Red Land more well known to the photography travellers. When we saw this momentary rays of lights from our car, our driver almost rushed to a stoppable area for us take this picture. It disappeared in less than 1 minute later. Everyone is having fun chasing after the light.


红土地锦绣园 2

(note: all thumbnails were compressed, click picture to view a light version of the photo)

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Yunnan Cuisine and Snacks 滇菜(云南菜)

During this short trip to Kunming and Red Land (Yunnan, China), we easily gained few kilos.


Noodles and rice were the culprits. Although “cross-the-bridge rice noodle” 过桥米线 is the most famous noodle, a classic set at Jian Xin Yuan ( 建新园) cost RMB80. I would prefer the “small pot noodle” (小锅米线), picture above, cost RMB7 to 8.


The noodle set come with another famous chicken soup called “steamed pot chicken” (汽锅鸡), the brown pot on the left in the picture above. The raw ingredients are lightly boiled in the big bowl of hot soup, and then adding the noodle. The set comprises of many little dishes of internal organs which we left untouched.


There are so many variety of rice noodle and this black colour tofu (cold) mixed with hot (spicy + high temperature) noodle is one of the weirdest noodle I ever ate.

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Guandu Old Town 官渡古镇

Guandu is a ‘refurbished’ old town about 10KM from Kunming city centre.

官渡古镇妙湛寺 (3)

If you have half day to spare in Kunming city, taking a short trip to Guandu could be a good option to consume few hours.

官渡古镇 (3)

Guandu reserved few temples dated back to Dang Dynasty.


Since 2008, Sao Lin Temple has acquired few temples in Guandu as ‘branch’ temple. You can see monks practicing martial arts in these temples.

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