Stuck in a Balinese Resort

I am attending a conference in Bali last few days.

Rimba Jimbaran (Bali)

Rimba is a new resort in Bali (still under construction). The sunset view is stunning (view from the lobby) but we were rushing out for a dinner so no time to savour the magical moment.

Ayana Resort (Bali) (2)

On the next day, the sunset was obstructed by thicker clouds. We managed to make a 30 minutes trip to the adjacent Ayana Resort, and visited its famous Rock Bar.

Rock Bar (Ayana Bali)

The weather gotten worse on the third day. It rained for the whole day, and it was also time to head for the airport. Although I didn’t have the extra days to visit other parts of Bali or Lombok on this short visit, I am grateful for a glimpse of the legendary sunset of Bali.

Ayana Resort (Bali) (1)

Impressions of Bali – Relaxation

Bali always reminded me of “doing nothing” and “relaxing spas and massages”. Find an afternoon, do nothing but sleep on the bed with loose clothing (or nothing on depends on your preference), the cool breeze in the lazy afternoon plus the hypnotic sound of the waves, creates a drowsy prescription for lazy people like me.

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Impressions of Bali – Landscape

Bali and Lombok are not very big islands, but because if the volcanic mountains, it creates landscape that could surprise many of us. I visited Bali in 1997 as dumb tourist, stucked in the hotel for conference. Get smarter in 2009tour, did the hotel hopping. Meaning that travel to different part of the island and stay in different hotel for 7 days. Having said that, I still do not have luck to see or to hike Mount Agung (one of the goals to achieve in the next trip). Having travel to different part of the island, you can see the sheer vertical cliff and rough seafront. Which reminds me of our emotion, creating waves when hitting the rocks.

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Impressions of Bali – Religious and Happy Folks

Balinese is one of the happiest and friendliest people for few countries I have visited. The way the local can co-exist the hospitality to boost tourism as well as remain truthful to their own culture and lifestyle is amazing. I have seen many good ‘havens’ spoiled by tourism, but Bali seems to able to slow down the ‘contamination’ influenced by tourism (still affected, but not as bad).

Everyday, there is always some form of celeberations or ceremony in local temples. And the interesting phenomenon is the entire village will travel to the far corner of the island to conduct such ceremony in few sacred temples. Goa Lawah is one of them. You can see many bats and even python on the entrance to the cave.

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Impressions of Bali – The Culture Preservers

Bali remains one of my favourite places to visit. It is accessible and has great cultural elements for first timer. First impression I got from this little island in Indonesia – it has great ways to preserve culture and living it. In many Asian countries, one can notice that the younger generation has been heavily influenced by the western trends, but this phenomenon is not severe in Bali.

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