Impression of Southern Sulawesi

Two hours before my flight home. Try to make one more post of the trip to Tana Toraja. I decided to use some candid shots to accompany this post as it doesn’t related to anything specific.

Tana Toraja (6)

“No matter what happens, it is for our own benefit.” I used this axiom to survive and to enjoy most trips.

After resting one night at Makassar, we took the morning bus ride to Tana Toraja. The hotel staff helped me to check on available bus on 9AM. When we arrived at the main terminal at 7AM, there was only 2 seats left at the rear seats.

Tana Toraja (10)

The 10 hours journey on a ‘not so new’ (positive phrase for ‘old’) bus, plus the winding uphill country road was not the most enjoyable ride. I suspected the fish we eaten at the lunch stop was ‘not hygiene’ (positive word for ‘dirty’), and I have diarrhoea for subsequent days. The two ladies on by left and right keep vomiting throughout the trip, and I am running out plastic bag.

Tana Toraja (9)

Then it started raining. The driver felt cold and decided to turn off the air-conditioning. We were almost run out of oxygen on for 2 hours. We finally arrived at Rantepao by 8pm and most of the shops were closed.

There was no taxi. The only form of transportation was ‘sitor’. The 3 wheels motorbike taxi which you can barely fit in 2 fat persons. We took two sitors and headed to the guesthouse I paid via Agoda.

After some searching, we found the guesthouse with closed door. After some knocking and yelling, the owner finally come out and greeted us, “Sorry all rooms were full. We don’t recognize Agoda’s transaction.”

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Makassar (Ujung Pandang) – the port city

This could be one of the most boring city in the world according the many travellers.

Pantai Losari at Makassar (3)

It was so boring that you would rather stay in the hotel and watch National Geographic.

Paotere (1)

You can visit the so call top 3 sites in 1 hour. Paotere Harbour is properly more colour and great for photography.

Paotere (2)

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