1,300KM round trip to East Coast

We made a short round trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu for the Qing-Ming Festival 清明 (Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day).

East Coast

With respect of the ancestors, it may not be nice to take pictures of this colourful and smoky festival.

Fish on Land

So, I rather showed you the original skeleton of the famous Perak Man. This is the oldest complete set of skeleton discovered in South East Asia. He lived more than 10,000 years ago. Note: Peking Man dated back to 300,000 years.

Perak Man

This skeleton has been relocated back to Lenggong Archaeological Museum in 2014 for Malaysia Tourism Year. Lenggong Valley has been crowned as the World Heritage Site.

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East Coast (Peninsular Malaysia)

This is our annual weekend trip to Kota Bharu.

Pantai Cahaya Bulan

We tried our best to squeeze out an hour for a detour to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Moonlight Beach), about 30 minutes from town center.

Pasir Belanda Kampung Stay

The objective is to visit a hidden gem near PCB, the Pasir Belanda Resort. It is a local village (‘kampung’) style small resort inside the local village. This resort is very popular among the European tourists.

Sunset on Sungai Kelantan

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Impressions of East Coast Beaches

One of the most scenic routes in Peninsular Malaysia is the coastal road, from Kota Bharu’s Pantai Irama all the way to Cherating near Kuantan. Hundreds of kilometer of seaside and village views. It was longer travel distance as compared to the highway, but very relaxing drive (plenty of food for the stomach and for the eyes).

Some of the beaches have very romantic names, like Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Moonlight Bay), Pantai Bisikan Bayu (Beach of Whistling Breeze), Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody) etc. Let’s start the journey from Kota Bharu to Kuantan. Due to the poor weather and limited time, the pictures were taken in with quick stop over.

Pantai Cahaya Bulan or PCB used to be a nice looking beach, due to the sea erosion evading the beach front, government has to put big rocks to slow down the erosion. PCB remains a popular spot for locals from Kota Bharu town because it is the nearest beach. The water is muddy color (sands) and not suitable for swimming. The beach is good place to play kites.

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