Country road from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru

We often ‘torture’ ourselves with long journey from point A to point B by not taking the expressway.

Minyak Beku

The disadvantage is taking 14 hours to cover 5 hours journey, and burning more fuels.


Despite it was raining, we manage to see more local towns and to sample the local foods. The first picture was testing a sweep panorama (failed due to my first practice, you can see the ‘bands’) but it was fun to travel to beach without tar road (Minyak Beku, near Batu Pahat).

Melaka Padi Field 2



Day Trip to Melaka

We brought friends to Melaka old town for a short visit this morning. The French tourists were intrigued by the bound feet culture in Chinese tradition.

Wah Aik shoemaker

We began our visit by stopping over at St. Peter’s Church (1710).

St Peter's Church Melaka

And walked over to the nearby Kampung Morten.

Villa Sentosa


People at Work (Malacca City)

As a living heritage town, Malacca City has many local residences making a living from various trades. This uncle was polishing the rocks used as knife sharpeners.

Melaka People at Work (6)

If you are visiting the tourist area, you would meet many traders selling souvenirs.

Melaka People at Work (5)


Street Scenes in Melaka Town

Jonker street in Melaka Old Town has been slight over ‘touristy’, but if I focus on different subject, there were still plenty of happenings and silent scenes on the street.


Harmonious Religions

It is a common scene in Malaysia where one could see different kind of worshiping venues on the same neighbourhood.


Colorful Melaka

When it comes to colours, the most striking place would be India. When I looked harder, I still could see colors everywhere around Melaka old town.


Artisans at Work (Melaka)

With the crowning as one World Heritage Site, Melaka old town is retaining existing and attracting new artisans to live in the town.