Sungai Lembing

There are plenty of online travel resources about Sungai Lembing, so I only share a few snapshots taken this weekend.

Sungai Lembing (3)

Most visitors would either visit the Panorama Hill for the spectacular sunrise view, or the Rainbow waterfall.

Sungai Lembing (1)



Sunrise on Panorama Hill

Panorama Hill offers unique sunrise view for visitors.

Sunrise on Panorama Hill (8)

The unique bonus is the ‘sea of clouds’.

Sunrise on Panorama Hill (6)

I never show any sunrise photo in black and white, but here are the exceptions.

Sunrise on Panorama Hill (7)


Cameron Highlands (June 2012)

We were trying to catch another glimpse of the sunrise at the plantation.

Cameron Highlands (7)

The ‘egg yolk’ appeared less than 1 minutes and hidden behind the thick cloud.

Cameron Highlands (9)

Peninsular Malaysia has been covering with haze these couple of days.


Creepy Crawlies

Bring friends to nearby town this weekend, and took a few shots on flora and fauna.

Malaysian bugs (6)

I discovered this master of disguise – the stick insect on Gunung Brinchang (6,666 feet above sea level).

Malaysian bugs (3)

The little snail was hiding behind a leaf at the organic farm @ Brinchang, Cameron Highland.


Cactus Jungle

The amount of cactus plants on Cameron Highlands can create a miniature cactus jungle.

Cactus (6)


Afternoon Tea @ Smokehouse

One of my favourite stopover sites on Cameron Highlands is having the fabulous scones and tea at Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant.

Smokehouse (1)

The temperature was just right, and the fresh strawberry jam was heavenly. Having the afternoon tea at the English tudor style building and flower garden was one of the must try experience on Cameron Highlands.

Smokehouse (3)


Flora Eden

Cameron Highlands is famous for its tea plantation, vegetables as well as flowers.

Flower (7)