Impressions of Georgetown – Windows to our past

Penang Island, especially in Georgetown, one still can see many pre-war shop houses. Most of them were in miserable state but it was good to see effort is being made to conserve them as part of Malaysian history. Some less fortunate houses were demolished and replaced by so-called modern but spiritless buildings.

In this post, I would like to focus on the windows of these shop houses. There are colourful, artistic and yet practical for tropical climate.



Impressions of Penang – UNESCO World Heritage Cities

Personally I think that Georgetown has a bit more interesting sites than Melaka City, although both towns were crowned with UNESCO World Heritage Cities title.


Impressions of Butterfly Farm (Penang) – Lizards etc.

I have not much luck on my last visit to the Butterfly Farm at Teluk Bahang, but manage to get a glimpse of some lizards and insects on the way out.


Impressions of Butterfly Farm (Penang) – Caterpillar

I was happy to see these ‘threesome’ caterpillars chewing on the same stem. It was more interesting than the butterflies (because there were not many butterflies when it was raining).


Impressions of Georgetown – little things

The little things often tell more story or leave more room for imagination.


Impressions of Butterfly Farm (Penang) – Flora

This was my first visit to the Butterfly Farm at Teluk Bahang, Penang. I took the Balik Pulau route (and of course tasted the famous Ulang / Red-Prawn durian), and by the time I reached this park, it was 90 minutes to closing (@ 6pm).