Mari Mari Cultural Village

The village is a made-for-tourist attraction to let visitors experience the lifestyles of 5 ethnic groups in Sabah inside one village.

Murut (4)

The 2 hours guided tour is best taken at the morning session (10am).

Mari Mari Cultural Village (4)

2pm session would be too hot and 6pm would donate too much blood to the mosquitoes.

Mari Mari Cultural Village (1)



Sunday Market @ Gaya Street

I recalled this street was known as Bond Street.

Gaya Street Sunday Market (12)

After breakfast, we walked from our hotel to Gaya Street. It looked pretty much unchain since my last visit.

Gaya Street Sunday Market (10)

I remembered the seashell, flowers and pet stores.

Gaya Street Sunday Market (1)

There are stores selling herbal tea and bird nest drink.

Gaya Street Sunday Market (11)


Kinabalu National Park

Mount Kinabalu is a prominent landmark that stands 4,095m above sea level.

Mount Kinabalu (1)

With diversified flora and fauna, the national park has been listed as World Heritage Site. I came across this weird looking insect and have no idea if it is a type of spider. It looked like an alien spaceship with long legs.

Weird insect in Borneo

Our group made a day tour without climbing Mt. Kinabalu. We stopped by Desa Dairy Farm to taste the ice cream and chocolate milk.

Desa Dairy Farm


Filipino Market @ Kota Kinabalu

There are few tourist attractions along the waterfront at Kota kinabalu city. One of my favourite markets is the Filipino Market.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (10)

You can visit the market in the morning or at night. The main difference is the grilled fish stalls opening during the evening.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (13)

It is a relatively small market where you can finish the tour in less than an hour.

Filipino Market (Kota Kinabalu) (9)


Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is very accessible from Kota Kinabalu city (Sabah).

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (2)

20 minutes boat ride from Jesselton Point to Manukan Island. Jump into water, and you will see coral fish.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (3)

The water was not as clear as what we have seen at Pulau Redang last month. 5 minutes boat trip can transfer from Manukan to Sapi Island. You will be greeted by monitor lizard (often mistaken by tourist as the Komodo Dragon.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (7)

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is indeed a great getaway destination for tourists who visit Kota Kinabalu. It offers a dramatic contrast to scaling the highest peak in Malaysia (Mount Kinabalu) and diving/snorkling below sea level.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (9)


Harvest Festival 2013

We took the morning flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Just in time for the first day of the annual harvest festival.

Harvest Festival (Pesta Kaamatan) 2013 (17)

The ethnic groups in Sabah used to celebrate the harvest at their respective tribal village.

Harvest Festival (Pesta Kaamatan) 2013 (20)

Since 1960, the various ethnic groups have gathered together to celebrate the festival.

Harvest Festival (Pesta Kaamatan) 2013 (4)