The 9th day of Chinese New Year 年初九拜天公

Touched down on homeland few hours ago. It was early morning of the 9th day into Chinese New Year (total 15 days celebration).

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (6)

So we went to Klang where many Hokkien Chinese folks celebrate the day to pray to the Heaven Gods (拜天公).

Kwan Imm Temple Klang 巴生观音亭

To some Hokkiens, the 9th day is more important than the first day of Chinese New Year.

Kwan Imm Temple Klang (8)

(I use the Line Art filter built-in to my point-and-shoot camera for the picture above, just for fun).

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Popular Lunar New Year Garden Tour @ FGS Dong Zen

I am very impressed with this year flora and light decoration at FGS Dong Zen.

FGS Dong Zen Monastery 佛光山东禅寺 2014 (9)

All the decorations were created by volunteers and funded by donors.

FGS Dong Zen Monastery 佛光山东禅寺 2014 (17)

The end result is more impressive than the Lantern Festival organized by government and iCity LED trees.

FGS Dong Zen Monastery 佛光山东禅寺 2014 (3)

If you are in Klang Valley and nothing to do during this long holiday, then it is worth while to visit Dong Zen at Jenjarom, Banting.

FGS Dong Zen Monastery 佛光山东禅寺 2014 (6)

I am sure that elders and kids will enjoy the flora and lights.

FGS Dong Zen Monastery 佛光山东禅寺 2014 (4)

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Songkran 2013 @ Wat Chetawan

Happy Thai New Year to all the people who celebrate Songkran.

Songkran 2013 (2)

Since there is no official venue for Songkran celebration in Kuala Lumpur, the Thai Buddhist Chatawan Temple is hosting the Songkran at the temple compound for many revellers to celebrate the festival.Songkran 2013 (13)

Be ready to get wet, with powder and water gun aiming at you. I have wet bucket unintentionally thrown at me. Luckily Songkran is about water and not throwing durian fruit.

Songkran 2013 (7)

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Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013

The venue of Animax 2013 has been shifted from 1 Utama (2012) to Sunway Pyramid this year.

Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013 (8)

It was frightening not seeing any cosplay participants by 10am.

Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013 (14)

We decided to do some windows shopping and return to the blue concourse. To our relief, the crowd arrived.

Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013 (4)

We did not enter the event held in the concourse area because the venue was simply to small to hold the crowd. I personally think that it was a wrong choice of venue to hold such event.

Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013 (7)

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