Bhaktapur (a living museum in Nepal)

Bhaktapur, the former capital was the highlight of my Nepal trip.

Bhaktapur (23)

My first impression was I in Rajasthan (India), or time travel thousand years and visiting the silk road.

Bhaktapur (18)

Close to 100,000 inhabitants still living in this medieval city.

Bhaktapur (7)

We were overnight right beside the lane on the right. It was an incredible town, especially after the tourists have left.

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Portraits of Napalese 2012

There is a story behind every face.

Nepali (1)

As a passer-by, I did not have the chance to get to know everyone I met.

Nepali (7)

For that 1 second when they gave me a good eye contact, I know there lie a universal kindness.

Nepali (11)

Could you see the story their eyes were speaking to us right now?

Nepali (8)

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This post is dedicated to the people of Nepal for their hospitality.

Nepalese (10)

Firstly I have to give a big THANK YOU to our trekking guide and porters. Two handsome guys in the picture above who look like Bollywood stars are Krisna and Kumar. Other heroes who assisted us in a big way were mentioned in the Poon Hill trek.

Nepalese (13)

Due to the harsh environment and unstable politics, many Nepalese are living below the poverty line.

Nepalese (17)

Many Nepalese men have to leave home and find a living abroad in countries like Malaysia.

Nepalese (3)

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Himalayan Sunrise and Sunset Views from Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a hilltop resort about 30km from Kathmandu.

Nagarkot (15)

Nagarkot situated at the Kathmandu Valley rim, thus provide vista view of the valley as well as the Himalaya snow cap summits.

Nagarkot (4)

visitors can take transport up to the hilltop without having to do any climbing or hiking. From the hotels or nearby hilltop, Nagarkot provides incredible vantage views from Annapurnas to Everest.

Nagarkot (10)

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Boudhanath Stupa–the center of mandala

The Boudhanath (a.k.a Boudha, Bouddhanath) Stupa is one of the largest stupas in the world.

Boudhanath (11)

Like Borobudur, both structures are UNESCO World Heritage Site, and both are large ancient Buddhist stupas designed based on mandala.

Boudhanath (7)

Boudhanath situated about 10km from Kathmandu city center. It has been a pilgrimage site for Tibetan and Buddhist for the past century.

Boudhanath (8)

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