Bhaktapur (a living museum in Nepal)

Bhaktapur, the former capital was the highlight of my Nepal trip.

Bhaktapur (23)

My first impression was I in Rajasthan (India), or time travel thousand years and visiting the silk road.

Bhaktapur (18)

Close to 100,000 inhabitants still living in this medieval city.

Bhaktapur (7)

We were overnight right beside the lane on the right. It was an incredible town, especially after the tourists have left.



Pottery Square @ Bhaktapur

During the harvesting season, the pottery square in Bhatakpur is occupied by rice and crops instead of pottery.

Pottery Square Bhaktapur (6)

Luckily we were staying in Cosy Hotel, which share the same court yard with a family of pottery makers.

Pottery Square Bhaktapur (5)