Street Food in Bangkok

We visited few restaurants and some eateries. The recommended ones are Ban Khun Mae (Siam Square) and Cabbages & Condoms (Sukhumvit).

Bangkok 2012 (2)

You do your own research and find out the reviews about these 2 restaurants. Since this is not my usual personal tour, I won’t have time to cover many sites.

Bangkok 2012 (4)

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Markets @ Bangkok

We have a weekend company trip to Bangkok. The main goal is to have Tom Yam Kong and to visit few markets.

Maeklong Railway Market

The highlight has to be the brief visit to the famous Maeklong Railway Market.

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Impressions of Northern Thai Foods

Thai foods in Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai) has some differences when compared to the Southern Thailand (Bangkok). Signature Thai dishes like Tong Yam Gong have different presentation and flavour.

Thailand never disappoint tourist when it comes to food choices. Let’s me start off with what you can buy in the shopping mall – bamboo worms as snack (like potato chips in other countries).

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