Impressions of Salt Lake City

I did not know how big is so called the largest salt water lake in the northen hemisphere, but I am excited to visit the “Dead Sea of America”. The salinity of the lake can up to 7 times greater than that of the sea water. Amazingly, there are organisms still strive in such inhabitable place. If anyone invite you to taste how salty is the water, you better think twice.

Great Salt Lake

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Impressions of Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is not really a deep canyon. It was named after Mormon pioneer scout name Ebenezer Bryce. I will share with you more story about Mormon religion when I post the travelogue about Salt Lake City.

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Impressions of St. George (Utah)

On my way to Bryce Canyon, I overnight at the red sandstone town called St. George. The sunlight still going strong by 8pm. So I took the opportunity to walk outside the inn to take my dose of ‘Shutter Theraphy’ (a term made popular by Robin Wong, a street photograher in Malaysia).

This bird was jumping from one place to another. I have to use a 400mm equivalent lens to freeze it on top of a small hill.

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