Glimpse of Grand Teton

I was lucky to have a glimpse of the “large tit” on my way to Jackson Hole. One version of the origin of the name of this mountain “Grand Teton” was from French word “teat” (tit).



Impressions of West Thumb Geyser Basin

The first impression of this basin was “another mud holes and boiling pond”? The answer was yes and no. Yes because there are again many geysers and geothermal activities. No because they are more spectacular.


Searching for Elk Antler Arches @ Jackson Hole

There is a famous town square at Jackson Hole where it erected four arches made of Elk antlers.


Impressions of Old Faithful Geyser

Perhaps it was due to the great expectation of the famous Geyser in the world – the Old Faithful Geyser,  I felt a bit of let down by the eruption.


Impressions of Bison at Yellowstone

The beast was massive, especially when one could get so close to the wild American buffelo.


Impressions of Mammoth Hot Springs

I have verified. There is no live mammoth at the hot springs.


Impressions of Artist Point @ Yellowstone

Lowerfalls overlooking from Artist Point @ Yellowstone National Park.