Nice and Lousy Eatery in Hanoi

As Malaysian, we are not new to the typical Vietnamese food. The #1 must drink will be the Vietnamese coffee.



People at Hanoi (Part 4)

I like old town that is filled with vibrant energy. Old Quarter of Hanoi is a living town full of people running their daily works and lives.


Water Puppetry

The art of water puppetry is unique the Red River Delta.


Kids at Hanoi (part 3)

I have shown you the outdoor wedding photography in Part 2 posting. The next logical step is to produce lots and lots of kids 🙂


People at Hanoi (Part 2)

It was our lucky day when visiting the Temple of Literature at Hanoi.


Museum Artifacts (Hanoi)

I am not a war history buff, so I did not visit the war museum. I prefer the more inspiring instead of the depressing history. My choice of museums in this trip include Museum of Ethnology and Museum of History.


Architectural Feast @ Hanoi

French Quarter is a good place to see the interesting architectures in Hanoi. One of the oldest building is St Joseph’s Cathedral. It looks like the smaller twin brother of Notre Dame in Paris.

French Quarter Hanoi