Ho Chi Minh City

Impression of Saigon – Architecture

It is relatively easy to walkabout in Ho Chi Minh City. Many tourist spots are concentrated within few blocks, so one can easily visit most of them on foot. The Post Office has a bright and tall arc doom, more like railway station than post office.



Impression of Saigon – Street View

Saigon has many post war memories. It was not a common site to see this in other car park.


Impression of Saigon – Pointed Hats

It has became an iconic attireĀ of Vietnamese lady, the pointed hat. I went to the old town and manage to see many locals still wearing them.


Impressions of Saigon – Coffee

I visited Ho Chi Minh City back in September 2008, and looking forward to Hanoi in 2011. Revisiting some old memory, the first impression was the havock traffic and criss-cross motorcycles. The second impression has to be the fantastic Vietnamese coffee.