Bersih 4.0 – Voices of the People

“Bersih” means clean.

Bersih 4 (1)

But what are the citizen want to clean?

Bersih 4 (16)

Apparently, Bersih wants clean and fair elections.

Bersih 4 (8)

Read on to find out what the participants want to express.

Bersih 4 (11)

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Wesak Eve 2012

Tomorrow is 5 May 2012, it is also Wesak (Vesak) day celebrated by many Buddhists. I notice the moon is almost full tonight, so I took a snapshot to mark the important day.

Moon (2)

Wishing all the devotees who celebrate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Buddha, and have a pleasant and peaceful Wesak festival.

Moon (1)

Caterpillar having its dinner

When I reached home  just now, I noticed this fellow was munching its dinner. So I quickly took out my PEN camera and experiment with the technique I read from Robin Wong’s blog, i.e. turn off the noise filter and use flash for sharper macro. My filter was normally turn on. No wonder the close-out shot or night scene was kind of smeared or soften.

Below is the 100% crop of the image. So the recommended settings indeed work well. Thanks Robin. No caterpillar was hurt during the experimental shot. 🙂