People from the Red Land 红土地人家

Photo tourism has injected a new revenue stream to the locals at DongChuan Red Land.

Red Land 云南东川红土地 (8)

This elder in Red Land has become the iconic male model. He posts during morning at Musical Score Concave and at Lo Shi Wan during the evening. Photographers can pay him any tips at will if you like to take a picture of him. It is less labour intensive compared to farming.

Red Land 云南东川红土地 (6)

Avoid taking pictures of any local without permission, they will shout at you demanding for portraiture fees. if you step onto their farm land, they will fine you RMB10 to 50.

Red Land 云南东川红土地 (1)

Of course, there are exception. This little girl was helping out in the farm and the family was kind enough to let us take pictures while they were working.

Red Land 云南东川红土地 (4)

Just few hours away in Kunming city, kids are spoiled with modern amenities and toys.

Yunnan Kunming云南昆明 (1)

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Kunming, the spring garden

Kunming City is the gateway into Yunnan.

Kunming 云南昆明 (1)

The city is surrounding by mountain range thus maintain a relatively constant spring-like weather throughout the year.

Kunming 花鸟市场

Most tourists will use Kunming as a rest stop before proceeding to more remote destinations.

Kunming 云南昆明 (2)

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