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Asakusa 浅草

Asakusa is definitely on the top 3 most visited attractions in Tokyo by tourists.

Asakusa (8)

The big red lantern was shrunk up during our visit on the Sanja Matsuri to make way for the tall Mikoshi floats to pass through the low ceiling under the gate. Lanterns are one of the memorable items at Asakusa Shrine.

Asakusa (7)

Red is definitely the dominant colour in Japanese shrines.

Asakusa (11)



Japanese Costumes @ Sanja Matsuri 浅草三社祭之传统服饰篇

Where else could be a better place to see so many Japanese in their traditional costume than at Sanja Masturi (given that we have limited time on a short visit to Tokyo)?

Japanese Costume (12)

We were lucky to see many beautiful hakama and kimono costumes in Asakusa.

Japanese Costume (4)

The two geisha passed by me before I have a chance to take a better snapshot.

Japanese Costume (5)


Sanja Matsuri Mikoshi 浅草三社祭之神轿篇

The highlight of Asakusa Sanja Matsuri festival is the procession of over 100 portable shrines (float, known as Mikoshi).


三社祭神轿 Sanja Matsuri Mikoshi (8)

The team rocked the float from side to side, with the crowd cheering on them.


三社祭神轿 Sanja Matsuri Mikoshi (4)


Sanja Matsuri’s Power Ladies and Kids 浅草三社祭之妇孺篇

The heavy lifting is not exclusive for men during Sanja Masturi festival at Asakusa, Tokyo.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri kids and ladies (2)

Ladies and children joined the adult men to take on the very heavy mikoshi (portable shrine).


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri kids and ladies (1)


Sanja Matsuri Daigyoretsu 浅草三社祭之巡遊篇

The first day festival started with the procession known as Daigyorestu.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri procession (8)

The procession consists of priests, musicians, geisha, and performers.

传统歌舞者皆会参与三社祭的巡遊. 最多人想观看的是著名的日本艺妓.

三社祭 Sanja Matsuri procession (5)


Preparation for Sanja Matsuri 2012 浅草三社祭之准备篇

Sanja Masturi, one of the 3 largest festivals in Tokyo, Japan.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (8)

Today is the last day of the 3 days celebration at Asakusa Shrine.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (6)