Prosperity God and Peaceful Buddha

Guess who did I meet just now?

Prosperity God (3)

If you don’t recognize him, here is another clue? 不是关公。

Prosperity God (1)

Looks familiar (besides the red face)?

Prosperity God (2)

He is the most popular god during Chinese New Year, the one and only Prosperity God.

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Ananda Pahto and Ananda Ok Kyaung (Bagan)

I never seen so many temples in 2-day period. There are more than 2,000 pagodas still standing in the plain of  Bagan, and we only have time to visit the selected few. Lonely Planet has entire Chapter dedicated to the temples in Bagan. What LP guide book often lacks is pictures. I prefer pictorial guide book such as DK series but DK has very limited publications on less popular destinations.

Ananda Phato (3)

Ananda Pahto (1105)

One of the popular temple due to its massive scale, with 170 feet high hti. See the size of a local walking in the lower left of the photo. The 4 standing teak wood Buddhas in the center hall are impressive, and each have different hand postures.

Ananda Phato (4)

The surrounding hall ways have hundreds if not thousands of Buddha images. Natural light was cleverly harnessed to illuminate the larger statues.

Ananda Phato (2)

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Phnom Kulen (Cambodia)

At merely 487m, Kulen Mountain (Phnom Kulen) is nothing impressive in term of height; but it is the sacred hill in the eyes of the Cambodians. There was lots of history behind this national park (pending for UNESCO World Heritage title). Phnom Kulen (1)

The Chinese name for this hill is Lychee Mountain (荔枝山). 中国元朝使节周达观到此一游。撒下了许多荔枝种子,树多成林,便是荔枝山名称的由来。

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