Londa– exciting cave grave

Londa has 3 tier graves on the tall cliff face. If you look carefully, you can see the coffins inside the natural limestone caves (or holes when it is looked form far away).

Londa (Tana Toraja) (8)

Only the nobleman were allowed to be ‘placed’ at higher spot (= higher rank?). Since I am no Spiderman, I couldn’t access the top but yes to the cave at the bottom of the hill.

Londa (Tana Toraja) (1) 

The first interesting sight is a balcony with family members ‘gathered’ together and gazed to the open field.

Londa (Tana Toraja) (3)

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Lemo–the postcard cliff grave

If you are traveller, you may recognize this picture because it is as unique as the pyramid in Eygpt or the Mo’ai stone statues in Easter Island.

Lemo (Tana Toraja) (3)

I was standing alone at the in front of the cliff just few hours ago. It was indeed very impressive. Below was the view before I walked down and passed by a paddy field to the bottom of the cliff.

Lemo (Tana Toraja) (1)

The well organized “tao-tao’ were displayed on the windows on the cliff face.

Lemo (Tana Toraja) (6)

(you may notice the small spider if you have sharp eye sight).

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