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KL Butterfly Park

I am working this weekend, thus desperately needing a break away from my computer.

KL Butterfly Park (12)

It was raining this afternoon, so we decided to drop by Butterfly Park for little exercise.

KL Butterfly Park (8)

Do not expect much from the park as there are not as many butterflies as visitors would expect.

KL Butterfly Park (2)



Cocoon in the making

This was part 2 of the same caterpillar I found yesterday.


Caterpillar having its dinner

When I reached home  just now, I noticed this fellow was munching its dinner. So I quickly took out my PEN camera and experiment with the technique I read from Robin Wong’s blog, i.e. turn off the noise filter and use flash for sharper macro. My filter was normally turn on. No wonder the close-out shot or night scene was kind of smeared or soften.

Below is the 100% crop of the image. So the recommended settings indeed work well. Thanks Robin. No caterpillar was hurt during the experimental shot. 🙂

Happy Photography

I woke up this morning with clear blue sky. So we had a quick breakfast and drove to Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park.


Impressions of Gasing Hill – no chance to comment

Gasing Hill is a popular (temporary) green lung at the heart of Petaling Jaya. It could be the most accessible and less mosquitoes park that I have visited. There was less than 2 mosquitoes per minutes, much better than Mount Kiara Rimba park, easily more than 10 mosquitoes attacking me at the same same time.


Fun with Fruits

This morning I bought some fruits. The price of fruit had sky rocketed for the past few years. A small box of strawberry cost RM10 (USD3+), 1 small kiwi fruit cost RM2 (USD0.65). In order to maximize my little investment, I took a few shots with the fruits before finished them with full satisfaction (tasted good and sweet).


Impressions of Butterfly Farm (Penang) – Lizards etc.

I have not much luck on my last visit to the Butterfly Farm at Teluk Bahang, but manage to get a glimpse of some lizards and insects on the way out.