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Dubai Creek

I always fascinated by the ‘local’ facet of a city.

Dubai Creek

One of the good place to visit is Dubai Creek to meet the local and to witness daily walk of life at Dubai.

Coffee Museum Dubai (5)

Of course, if you are visiting the museum and shops, some of the locals are role playing to demonstrate to the visitors the way of life in the past.

Al Fahidi Souk



Gopeng Town

We made an  impromptu detour to Gopeng town on our way to Kuala Lumpur.

Gopeng Gaharu Tea Valley (1)

It is our first time visiting the ‘tropical tea valley’ at the foot hill of Cameron Highlands. Unlike the traditional tea tree, Gaharu Tea tree (沉香木) is very tall and suitable for warmer climate. 沉香 (白木香) Aquilaria sinensis (Gaharu is Bahasa Malaysia) is a kind of Chinese medicine which contains medical value.

Gopeng Gaharu Tea Valley (2)

I am a coffee person so I won’t go crazy about tea tree. Some locals disagreed with the tea owner who charge RM10 to visit the plantation and claiming that hugging the tree trunk bring visitors good luck.

I prefer other precious resources around Gopeng that are free. Visiting the Museum Gopeng duriing weekends is free of charge.

Museum Gopeng (2)

we stumbled upon Adeline’s Villa and met Adeline in person. She is a wonderful host and even offered us free buffet lunch. It never happened to me that a resort owner invites us for sumptuous and tasty buffet at no cost. The resort has a peculiar custom:   everyone, including the paying guests, have to wash your own plate.

Adeline's Villa

The nice rapid is suitable for white water rafting at Sungai Geroh. Getting wet and having fun at the river is absolutely free.

Sungai Geroh at Gopeng


Seri Menanti Old Palace

If we are asked to choose a landmark for the state of Negeri Sembilan, first thing that comes to mind could be the Shao Bao ( 芙蓉烧包 ). On second thought, Shao Bao is the famous snack food, not a landmark.

Some locals may be able to name a few, and Seri Menanti Old Palace could be one outstanding landmark in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

Seri Menanti (1)