Paddy fields @ Tana Toraja

With limited travelled due to expected rain, we only visited part of Tana Toraja country side (outside of Rantepao town).

Paddy field at Tana Toraja (6)

There are more impressive panorama view of terrace paddy fields in the area.

Paddy field at Tana Toraja (2)

Some of the fields are ready for harvest. We were lucky to visit on the village where the community is preparing for the harvest festival.

Paddy field at Tana Toraja (1)

Rice is the main staple in Indonesia. I have been eating fried rice continuously the last few days. In fact, I am having fried rice right now while I am writing this post in a restaurant.

Paddy field at Tana Toraja (7)

The lady was plucking the Morning Glory (‘Kangkung’) leaves for dinner. I love stir fried kangkung with shrimp paste, cheap and appetizing.

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