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Chinese New Year is sneaking in

Petaling Street is always in the fore front of indicators for Chinese New Year, even earlier than shopping malls.

Petaling Street greeting Chinese New Year (1)

All the gifts shops are ready for another seasonal sales of Chinese New Year ornaments.

Petaling Street greeting Chinese New Year (5)



Chan She Shu Yuen 陈氏书院

Many people passed by Chan She Shu Yuen near Petaling Street, but not many stopped for a visit.

Chan She Shu Yuen (2)

Some tourist thought this is another Chinese temple or school, and not knowing that it was a clan ancestral house (陈氏宗嗣).

Chan She Shu Yuen (8)


Messages on Jalan Sultan

If you visit Jalan Sultan or Petaling Street in 2-3 years, you might not see this kind of messages anymore.

Petaling Street (4)

Or the protest messages.

Petaling Street (3)