Stuck in a Balinese Resort

I am attending a conference in Bali last few days.

Rimba Jimbaran (Bali)

Rimba is a new resort in Bali (still under construction). The sunset view is stunning (view from the lobby) but we were rushing out for a dinner so no time to savour the magical moment.

Ayana Resort (Bali) (2)

On the next day, the sunset was obstructed by thicker clouds. We managed to make a 30 minutes trip to the adjacent Ayana Resort, and visited its famous Rock Bar.

Rock Bar (Ayana Bali)

The weather gotten worse on the third day. It rained for the whole day, and it was also time to head for the airport. Although I didn’t have the extra days to visit other parts of Bali or Lombok on this short visit, I am grateful for a glimpse of the legendary sunset of Bali.

Ayana Resort (Bali) (1)