Faces of Tana Toraja

We are waiting for our night bus back to Makassar afterwards. The sky is giving its heaviest down pour in the last 72 hours. So we are relaxing at Mambo Restaurant publishing this post.

Traditional costume (Tana Toraja)

We met this girl during lunch just now. She was dressing up for the celebration of 100 years gospel spreading into Toraja (“100 tahun injil masuk Toraja”). When she grows older, perhaps she can become another ‘cover girl’ for the Toraja tourist guide.

cover girl on Toraja tourist map

The old lady above was the actual weaving lady on the tourist map. More info about the weaving town (Sa’dan To’Barana) was posted yesterday. It is good to purchase something as a token of appreciation to the people who contribute to the local tourism.

Kids riding in front of Alang (Tana Toraja)

We rented a motorbike and ventured into some traditional villages where the local still staying in the community.

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Weaving @ Sa’dan To’barana

Besides funeral ceremony, buffalo carnage or burial sites, Tana Toraja offers some alternatives such as trekking or country sight seeing. Of the the route to the north of Rantepao towards the Sa’dan Malimbong district, you can find the poster girl.

Weaving at Toraja (6)

She is the same lady shown on the North Toraja tourist map.

Weaving at Toraja (7)

when we arrived at the almost ‘deserted’ weaving village (Sa’dan To’barana), she was one working in the stores. 95% of the stores were not opened or abandoned.

Weaving at Toraja (5)

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