Spiritual Stop

We made a impromptu stop over when we passed by Sam Poh Tong at Ipoh just now.

Sam Poh Tong 2014 (4)

The trees in the hidden cave were serene and green.

Ling Sen Tong 2014 (2)

The endless curtain of pagoda inscent was mesmerizing.

Sam Poh Tong 2014 (5)

The twinkling candles sway with the cool cave winds. No word, no thought.

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Sam Poh Tong 三宝洞

One of the tourist attraction in Ipoh is cave temples. Sam Poh Tong is one the 3 more popular cave temples in Ipoh.

Sam Poh Tong (1)

If I have to rank the 3 temples, my liking is in the following order:

(1) Kek Look Tong 极乐洞

(2) Perak Tong 霹雳洞

(3) Sam Poh Tong 三宝洞

Sam Poh Tong (6)

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