Sample of Nepali Foods

I was ill during this trip thus my taste buds were malfunction.

Nepal (5)

I skipped many meals and living on energy bars and substitute drinks. So I couldn’t comment too much on the cuisine. I do like the popular Daal Bhaat (salad, tarkari vege, sag, achar, papadam, rice etc.).

hint: you get better cutlery for Royal Daal Bhaat, and not necessary better in taste.

Nepali Kwanti Soup

Legumes and beans were used as main cooking ingredient. I suspect it could be the main reason that cause bloated stomach.

Nepal (9)

Travellers seldom visit kitchen so that they have a peace of mind. When we were walking on the back lanes, we notice many of the oil used in many kitchen were …. black in colour.

Nepal (10)

I seen similar way to remove animal hair in some marketplaces. The goat was smiling at me.

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