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Japanese Snacks 日本の小食

Traveling in Taipei and Tokyo has one thing in common – snacks.

Japanese Snack (6)



Japanese Costumes @ Sanja Matsuri 浅草三社祭之传统服饰篇

Where else could be a better place to see so many Japanese in their traditional costume than at Sanja Masturi (given that we have limited time on a short visit to Tokyo)?

Japanese Costume (12)

We were lucky to see many beautiful hakama and kimono costumes in Asakusa.

Japanese Costume (4)

The two geisha passed by me before I have a chance to take a better snapshot.

Japanese Costume (5)


Impression of Japanese People 2012

My last visit to Tokyo was 1996. The impression of Japanese remain the same. In general, Japanese people are:

(1) Creative

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I was really impressed with this little girl. She used a chalk outlined streets on a gentle slope. Her younger sister then slid down the drawn-lane like it was real. Imagination could really do wonders.


Preparation for Sanja Matsuri 2012 浅草三社祭之准备篇

Sanja Masturi, one of the 3 largest festivals in Tokyo, Japan.


三社祭 Sanja Matsuri Preparation (8)

Today is the last day of the 3 days celebration at Asakusa Shrine.


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F&B Outlets in Tokyo

The quantity and variety of the vending machines on the streets and lanes in Tokyo deserves as a tourist attraction.

Tokyo (1)

From liquors, condoms, hot drinks to anything that could be sold via the automatic vending machine, it was really interesting to scout for new variety of goods sold at the machines.


The Legendary Tsukiji Market 筑地鱼市场

Tsukiji Market is better known than its official name Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market.


Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction (6)

Tsukiji is the largest wholesales seafood market in the world. The most famous activity is the tuna fish auction where it attract full house of visiting tourists.


Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction (7)


Kawagoe (the Little Edo) 小江戸时代的川越古镇

It was a good decision to make a day trip to a small town called Kawagoe.

Kawagoe (4)

It was also known as Little Edo due to the charming old buildings from the Edo era.


Kawagoe (10)