Japanese Costumes @ Sanja Matsuri 浅草三社祭之传统服饰篇

Where else could be a better place to see so many Japanese in their traditional costume than at Sanja Masturi (given that we have limited time on a short visit to Tokyo)?

Japanese Costume (12)

We were lucky to see many beautiful hakama and kimono costumes in Asakusa.

Japanese Costume (4)

The two geisha passed by me before I have a chance to take a better snapshot.

Japanese Costume (5)

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The Legendary Tsukiji Market 筑地鱼市场

Tsukiji Market is better known than its official name Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market.


Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction (6)

Tsukiji is the largest wholesales seafood market in the world. The most famous activity is the tuna fish auction where it attract full house of visiting tourists.


Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction (7)

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