Buildings in Yangon City

Yangon has lots of colonial architectures that portraits its hay days.

Custom House Yangon 1915

Lonely Planet (Page 54) has a nice walking tour route for Yangon City. The picture shown above is Custom House built in 1915. Along the same road, there are many more impressive (in term of size) but semi-abandoned buildings.

Yangon Building (7)

Yangon is a relatively modernized city but yet you can find many people living below the poverty line (especially if you take the circular train to visit the outskirts).

Yangon Building (2)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered that someone actually living inside this small store-room like structure. It is right besides a busy street.

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Yangon Street View (part 2)

I prefer walking on the street than touring by tour bus. It is more time consuming and physically challenging, but I got the ground level view of the activities.

Yangon (4)

One good example was witnessing how a barber was dying hair with a bowl of black pigment.

Yangon (11)

Drop by any interesting temple.

Yangon (6)

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Yangon Street View (part 1)

The most interesting transportation in Yangon city is the world war II kind of public buses.

Yangon (2)

Unlike India, we have not seen any elephant or camel on the street, but we saw the white elephant in Hsin Hpyu Daw park (northern Yangon). The pathetic animal has been chained up to bring good luck to the authority.

Hsin Hpyu Daw

The city has a mixture of old and new vehicles. The majority is Japanese brands like Toyota and Suzuki.

Yangon (6) 

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