Bersih 4.0–Counting Down

34 hours rally shall end on 30 August 2015 midnight, which is also the eve of Malaysia National Day.

Bersih 4 (88)

Government official said only 50,000 attendance but the Bersih 4.0 organizer estimated closed to 500,000 turn out.

Bersih 4 (87)

The drizzling couldn’t dampen the spirit of the rally participants.

Bersih 4 (89)

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Bersih 4.0–Lovely People

Thumb Up to the lovely Malaysian, lovely people.

Bersih 4 (70)

When one travels more, the lines dividing borders, religions, food and races gradually blur out.

Bersih 4 (74)

The sense of oneness set in.

Bersih 4 (75)

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Bersih 4.0–Malaysian Sleeping on the Street

On the eve of the 58th Independence Day (Merdeka), Malaysians chosen to sleep on the street.

Bersih 4 (53)

Simply because they love (Sayang) Kuala Lumpur. They love Malaysia.

Bersih 4 (57)

They don’t seem to care about their style of sleep.

Bersih 4 (54)

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Bersih 4.0–The Yellowish People

Minions are the famous yellow creatures.

Bersih 4 (39)

Many Malaysians are dressing up in yellow in the participation of Bersih 4.0 rally.

Bersih 4 (43)

This event has been getting media attention and the participation of many Malaysians.

Bersih 4 (48)

Some people give it a LIKE, how about you?

Bersih 4 (45)


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Bersih 4.0–Mobile Attack

I am feeling old when I realized that I am the few dinosaurs still carrying “camera”.

Bersih 4 (34)

The technology has advanced so much on mobile camera, that it has killed the point-and-shoot camera market.

Bersih 4 (35)

Of course, the action fans still have other option such as GoPro.

Bersih 4 (31)

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Bersih 4.0–Superheroes

The are many brave superheroes (characters) on rally.

Bersih 4 (27)

To match the theme, Spiderman has to be flexible.

Bersih 4 (22)

Spiderman join the school of minion for being yellowish.

Bersih 4 (23)

read on more more cute mascots and heroes.

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Bersih 4.0 – Voices of the People

“Bersih” means clean.

Bersih 4 (1)

But what are the citizen want to clean?

Bersih 4 (16)

Apparently, Bersih wants clean and fair elections.

Bersih 4 (8)

Read on to find out what the participants want to express.

Bersih 4 (11)

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